April 10, 2020

Living Rustic – For Some People Rustic Is Life

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Some People Must HaveRustic

If you love rustic and old traditional stuff as I do, then I’m guessing you buy rustic items from time to time. It’s not that I’m addicted to rustic looking furniture or decor, but it does bring me a great feeling of nature, natural and tradition,

So I guess I am one of those people that will buy rustic furniture and rustic decor, and you know what… I LOVE IT.

The Best Rustic furniture Brands

Always buy from the best, top-quality brands. This ensures and minimizes the chance of something going wrong,

Here are some of the most popular and biggest brands in the rustic furniture industry.


Rustic Furniture can completely change the way a room feels and presents itself. A rustic area rug is a great foundation to work from in any rustically themed room. The solid heavy bare wood and steel furniture sets boundaries and definitely makes a statement.

From rustic bedroom suits and lounge suites, Rustic tables and seating, Storage trunks and Rustic Toy Chests Depending on what you are after there are places online that stock all the biggest brands products. Amazon is one of them.

The Best Rustic Decor Brands

Filling your house or home, with rustic decorations has never been easier with all the rustic decor products online, Having said that,if you have no idea where to start…. Try A few of these suggested brands on amazon. They are among the best brands available for Rustic decoration

Finding the right Rustic furniture and decor for your place can take time, be patient and have a good look around before you buy. Always read the review from previous buyers and preferably buy from a trusted brand and supplier.

Rustic Ideas For Your Home

Finding a certain type of rustic style for your home can be a difficult situation depending on where you live. Many people don’t know about all the sub-genres of the rustic world but there are hundreds.

For example, Are you going for a rustic cabin feel or a rustic nautical feel? They are completely different but still rustic in there own separate identities. Farmhouse decor has yet a different feel again. so if you are starting to decorate in a rustic style or redecorating in a rustic theme then have a look on google images or Pinterest to find ideas.

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Buy Rustic The Right Way

If you are buying rustic stuff online that’s all good, but there are a few things you should always do, just to safeguard ourselves from getting scammed or ripped off.

  • Always read the product reviews and comments – This may sound like a “no brainer” but allot of people still buy products without reading the reviews or comments, This can potentially save you a huge headache
  • Preferably buy from a known and respected buyer – If you can buy your products through A respected store like amazon, Aliexpress, Walmart etc. again this helps minimize the chance of disappointment.
  • Make sure the site you are buying from has and uses trusted payment gateways – I cannot stress this enough, Always pay with a secure and respected payment gateway like
    1. Pay Pal
    2. Stripe
    3. 2Checkout
    4. Skrill
    5. Wepay
    6. Google Checkout

If you stick with these basic principals you reduce risk with your purchase. “Buying online, Sight Unseen” Products can be risky, that is why a few guideline rules are necessary.

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