March 28, 2020

Buying Online ? – What You Need To Know

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What To Look For When Buying Products Online

 What We Expect, Is not Always What We Get .

Its only fair. If we buy something online, we want it to arrive in good condition, made to some kind of decent quality standard, and to do what it says its supposed to do, Oh …and arrive promptly, No-one wants to wait weeks or in some cases months to receive there product.

So What are we looking for – Overall

Is the online store Known? – There are now thousands of online Shopify stores and a bunch of other, make your own online store platforms out there it hard to know which stores are legit or not, here are a few tips on What to look for overall.

  • Does the website look professional? Are there any standout faults in the website? budget photos? Random sized pictures, no about me or privacy police pages, etc
  • does the website offer value in any other way other than sell products. Some thrown together websites offer nothing but products and “buy me now” boxes
  • Are the payment gateways secure and known, unless they are A trusted provider, Never put money direct into A bank account, If you do… Use Pay pal, this is your insurance so to speak.
  • Reviews – Are their reviews on the products, If not….I wonder Why ????? Review the actual website you are looking on. ( best to stick with quality suppliers – Amazon )
  • Guarantees – Does the store you are buying from offer refunds or returns?

Why Reviews Are Important

After buying a product, It gets delivered, You open it, Look and/or use it, and…well for most of us that’s it, Are you happy? Disappointed or angry as you’ve waited 3 months for A gimmick product to arrive that broke first use.

Our only way to voice our opinion about our purchase is through product reviews. To start with, I would suggest to ” Be wary ”  When buying from a store that does not have reviews on products, Not all the time but most likely there is a reason.

Why Amazon

When finding a partner to Advertise and review products for, there was really only one that ticked all the boxes for me…Amazon. Not only does Amazon have an outstanding Affiliate program, but it also ticked all the boxes I needed to tick, and if I was to be Advertising their products on my website, I needed to know that these products had consumer proof of quality and overall rating.

Product Delivery

When it comes to shipping and delivering products, Amazon has it covered, and even if you are not a prime member of Amazon, you should receive your item within 8 days, Usually 3 – 5 days, And if you’re A prime member you can get faster shipping, Usually 1 – 3 days.  compared to a lot of other online stores, 1 – 14 days is considered A normal delivery time.

Researching Amazon – Helium 10

As Amazon grows it also changes, I use A unique tool called Helium 10 to help research my products and brands, Amazon has some amazing products to be purchased but it also has a lot of junk, gimmicky products Available too. Always read reviews.

As I am passionate about online business and marketing, I know I don’t want to be selling Faulty or cheap and nasty products through my store and once again, Amazon makes it easy to filter out these below-average products, Which further narrows down Quality products to advertise.

Have Fun & Good Luck Shopping

Remember there are thousands of products being sold through thousands of online stores, Here is just a few things to keep in mind

  1. Preferably buy from a trusted supplier
  2. ALWAYS read the reviews
  3. Confirm Payment gateway is an approved Bank or money transferring system

Don’t be shy to leave a comment or question below and ill do my best to get back to you.


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