March 13, 2020

DIY Rustic Furniture – Rustic Furniture Tips & Ideas

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Why People Love DIY Rustic Furniture & Decorations

The fact that Rustic Furniture can be made out of almost any new, used or wrecked piece of whatever’s lying around, means that thousands of people around the world are now building their own unique DIY rustic Furniture or home decor with little or no cost involved and trust me I have seen some very spectacular Rustic pieces of artwork,

Not only has the rustic look / trend risen due to easy to find and low cost materials, I think most would agree that the feel of walking into a Rustic styled Wooden Cabin brings a warm homely sense of natural, down to earth atmosphere and that feeling is like no other,

As well as the Rustic Style being easily affordable to make and obtain, On a deeper note it allows people to express their creative sides and show their skills and passions through forms of physical artwork which naturally has taken on its own identity which we call the Rustic style, From This Rustic trend we have now formed Rustic categories.

  • Rustic Living room Decor
  • Rustic Kitchen Decor
  • Rustic Bathroom Decor
  • Outdoor Rustic Decor
  • Rustic Decor Furniture
  • And so on and so on…….

DIY Rustic Furniture Ideas

When it comes to finding Rustic styled furniture ideas the internet will be your best friend, Not only does google images have thousands of ideas all ready for viewing, Your imagination and ability to mess around with ideas is ultimately your best advantage.

Pinterest has thousands of ideas from Rustic Chandeliers, Rustic Cake Stands, Rustic Tables and Chairs, Rustic Picture Frames and furniture, Rustic seats and bedroom sets.

Most of the time Rustic furniture involves wood, To keep with the rustic look the wood is always left unfinished or just sanded back to bring the natural wood grain out, Steel and wood can look very good together as well as stones and steel.

Rustic Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to that rustic feel nothing screams out rustic more than a wooden cabin with a huge outside fire pit and some huge logs to sit on while you warm your hands, When it comes to rustic outdoor furniture you can almost make something out of anything, Stones, wood and steel always go well together, Pallet Furniture has grown rapidly in the last 5 or so years with now countless images and ideas available for our viewing on google images and some even contain the plans on how to make them.

Pintrest has thousands of images and the more you see the more you learn, Be inspired, See a bug, Maybe you can make that bug from steel bits and pieces glued or welded together, Huge slabs of trees are often used to make outdoor tables, Cut thin slab rounds from a tree and inlay them into the ground to form a path ( Fill in between with stone or sand ). ” Think Outside The Box ” .

Simple Rustic Decorating Ideas

Plain and simple can have a huge impact in the right surrounding. A blank wall with a unique rustic looking shelf can completely make that boring simple wall transform into A wall with its own rustic identity,

The trick with Simple Rustic Interior Design is a simple one….. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Using upside down beer crates is a common use for seating and / or storage, I have even seen an old sanded back and varnished door as a coffee table that had four river rocks as its legs…. and it looked great.

If you are trying to build your first project don’t bite off more than you can chew, Start simple and as you get better and grow more confident with the materials and tools you are using you will naturally advance into more decorative rustic wall art.

Rustic art Ideas

  • Rustic Tables and Chairs can be made from wood, Stones and Steel, Instrument pieces, Tree stumps still in the ground.
  • Key Holders and coat racks can be made from old fence pailings, Driftwood, Wooden floor boards, Guitar heads
  • Fire Pits can be made from hollowed out logs, Washing machine tubs, Wheel barrows, Carved out logs, Bricks or Stones
  • Build a rustic looking clock by using a drum cymbal or an old cog as the backing, Or again Unfinished Wood,
  • Rustic Tables can be made from Old Saw Mill Blades laid down with Steel Weel rims welded together for the stand, An old Barn door or wooden sign can be perfect to lay down and attach legs to.
  • Rustic Picture Frames can be made out of loads of things, Drift wood lashed together with string, Steel tools like Hand Saws joined together end to end to form a Boxed Frame,

The list can go on and on so instead of me doing that ill leave you with a few places to go and a few things to think about.

Something to take away

  1. Pintrest is amazing for Rustic ideas and rustic idea inspiration. Don’t be shy to investigate and do some research before making a project, You don’t need to copy exactly what they have done, Put your own piece of creativity into it.
  2. Google search and Google Images is another great way to find ideas and / or products to help with your Rustic looking masterpiece.
  3. Finding items to use can be tricky if you don’t know where to look, Swift stores, Garage sales, Refuse stations, Beaches often have great bits of driftwood, Household junk, Ask friends and family, Scrap metal yard,
  4. Rustic looking fixtures can be made from all sorts, If using bits of wood you may need to use screws and that’s fine ….but….it looks better if you hide them by binding over the screws with string or gluing something over them,
  5. Just remember DIY Rustic furniture and Rustic Decor ideas can stem from the craziest of places, Always keep an open mind and once you start putting ideas together you will be amazed at how many more ideas you will have.
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