March 31, 2020

Fishing Wedding Cake Toppers – The Big Catch

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Fishing Themed Wedding Cake Topper

For all you keen fishing couples, that are not yet married, Amazon have the fishing cake toppers for you. Until I looked these up, I had no idea they even existed. But yea sure why not right.

Every happy couple deserves the best for there wedding, right down to the last cake topper.  So when we talk about themed cake toppers, and the happy bride and groom love fishing, I have to say Amazon has the biggest and best fishing themed wedding cake toppers on the market.

3 Tips when looking for the right Fishing cake Topper

  • If you know the cake type and color this is a huge help – Make sure the color contrast will go together,
  • Size Of cake top – Make sure to check the size of your cake top, as to make sure the cake topper will fit correctly. Most cake toppers are universal but are on the safe side and check,
  • Always buy from a certified, respected store ( Why I Use Amazon ) The Last thing any happy couple want is to have their wedding cake bought out with no wedding cake topper on it.
  • THE COUPLES CHARACTERS – Are the happy couple a couple of clowns or serious lawyers. The difference can be huge. Try to suit their personality

The Available Designs

As I started going through the designs I could very quickly discover the differences in trends of fishing cake toppers, From funny, silly humorous cake toppers, to the more Simple yet traditional serious cake topper.

The traditional bride and groom cake topper is nothing more than a figure of a man and woman holding hands, The modern-day cake topper can be wherever we tell it to be. So either traditional or modern, it’s all preference and choice.

As a rule of thumb, keep it simple, unless the soon to be a married couple are of a witty nature, stay away from oddball designs or outgoing styles. If you are having trouble finding A cake topper yet alone A rustic fishing wedding cake topper.….DON’T PANIC, there is a better, safe than sorry option…………. Custom Wedding Cake Toppers.

Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

These customized wedding cake toppers are made to order and are the perfect option if you’re lost with which one to choose.

At-least the design will suit the bride and groom’s theme or style, And with their names on it, it just feels, all that more sentimental for the newlyweds.

Happy hunting And Remember

  • Color and Size – Always try to find out the cake size and color before you buy your customized fishing cake topper
  • Always check the measurements of the cake topper, Make sure it fits the cake.
  • If all else fails – Go customized
  • Follow Character – Choose a cake topper fitting for the couple
  • Buy from A trusted supplier

Hope this was helpful to you and thanks for reading

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