April 5, 2020

Nautical Baby Shower Decorations – Decoration tips and ideas

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Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

If going to pull off a nautical themed baby shower you are going to need supplies. Trying to find ideas for your theme is not always easy

and can be a frustrating experience. Hopefully, I can make things go a little smoother for you.

First things first, If you are buying nautical baby shower decorations there is a few guidelines to stick to,

General Guidelines

  • Color Code – Always stick to light blues and whites, Stay away from too much dark greens and blues as this will overpower the light blue and express a colder un-vibrant feel, rather than a joyous, fresh and uplifting.
  • The Normal – What gifts or decorations would you normally buy, take or have at a baby shower, Now just try to find that same product in a nautical theme.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest has a huge amount of nautical decor ideas and images on hand
  • Online stores – Research and look around different stores for ideas and products, Always use a trusted supplier and always check product reviews.

Nautical themed baby shower decorations

I am a personal fan of amazon.com so I will use their products, for example, No obligation to buy from here, but they do have ” in my opinion ” the best range of nautical themed baby shower decorations online and are very reliable with fast shipping.

  • Fill in blank walls and corners with light-colored balloons, This will set the backdrop and center the room into the middle where the activity will be going on.
  • Don’t overdo the decoration, the light blues will accentuate themselves enough, so just fill in corners and big blank spots to start with. after that, you will be able to tell what needs more decoration
  • Gift boxes or table centerpieces. These are great for packing individual goodie boxes for guests to take home or open and have there
  • The banner – This always goes down a treat to reinforce why we are here.
  • Food, To be honest, if the rest is done correctly the food can still be standard, Maybe research Baby shower nautical food ??? just a thought.
  • Small gathering or full-on raging party, Make sure all seating or tables are in theme, Draping white covered sheets over tables can be easily done as a base to work from, Then its back to the baby blues with some pinks if its a girl.

Nautical baby shower decorating

You have your products the big day is coming and its time to decorate. A few of the things I have mentioned we will go over again soon, I just want you to remember, There is no code of how to do this, Only helpful guidelines, Don’t be scared to add your own flare.

  • Table decor – can include nautical drink bottles and serviettes, plates, and cutlery.
  •  Fill blank walls and corners with blue and white balloons
  • Keep everything within the white and light shades of blues and greens, A few dark bits here and there will be ok.
  • Sun – If you can feature the baby shower in a room with lots of natural light and warmth, this will always increase the warm gracious feel for the baby shower
  • Materials – There are loads of fixtures available now, sellotape or
    cotton can be used to tie up decorations,  blue tack also has many uses,
  • Tables – Use a white and blue table runner and a few baby ornaments on top, will work well when the table is set.
  • banners and streamers – sea-themed banners and streamers can be used to help baby up the thyme
  • Baby blankets and bedding looks nice folded up in a few small piles,
  • Overall anything that is baby related is good, But the more decorating you do, in the way of nautical baby shower decorations, the better.

A few start point to leave you with

Lastly, I will leave you with a few good starting points on amazon.com, to start your Nautical baby shower decorations search on the right track, Amazon is a well-respected site with product reviews and fast shipping.

Thanks for reading,

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