March 24, 2020
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What Is Nautical Decor?

As mentioned in other articles, Over the years Traditional Rustic decor has been broken down into hundreds of sub-categories and Nautical Decor is one of them, A very big one of them.

A nautical decor is simply a rustic form of Sea themed Art. Think of a rustic cabin in the woods, Now Think of a Rustic Batch by the sea. Theses are both considered rustic styles but are two completely separate identities.


Mixed with natural blends of the ocean and coastal inspiration, The style of Nautical Decor naturally orphaned itself into people’s homes as this was a theme, based around many different coastal and sea lifestyles.

Fishing nets draped over fences, Anchors and chains, Fish and Fishing boats, oars and buoys, logs found on the beach. Usually involving lots of Light Blues, green, white, and sometimes natural timber colors, a Nautical Decor style is easily achieved.

Although the true style of nautical decor is traditionally found in homes of fishermen and other coastal lifestyles, it is now celebrated in thousands of people’s homes across the world and the nautical theme has now expanded out to have its own Sub categorized menu of Nautical themes.

baby nautical decor

Sound Odd? It’s not as odd as you may think. Nautical Baby Decor is A fast-growing trend and although it does lack a lot of the traditional form of true nautical batch styled decor, Baby Nautical Decor brings together all the joys of A sunny bright day at the beach with lots of warm colors and Coastal sea-inspired living,

Bathroom Nautical Decor

Going hand in hand, any room or building that uses a lot of water can easily be made into a nautical-inspired theme, Light blues and greens always resemble water, sea life and other forms of Indications towards the coastal sea lifestyle.

When done correctly Nautical Decoration can make a Room feel vibrant, Uplifting and refreshing, clean, and welcoming with a sense or feeling of down to earth and natural.

Done wrong and it can lead to a feeling like you have hit the darkest depths of the ocean, and you are going to freeze or suffocate if you do not leave the room fast enough,

A wee tip ( Stay away from dark greens or to much darker blues, These can easily have the wrong effect and can leave you feeling cold and uncomfortable when you enter the room

Outdoor Nautical Decorations

Outdoor nautical decorations are exactly what it sounds like, Nautical decoration for outside. A large Steel Anchor, Large Posts and rope fences, Fishing nets, Heavy Gauge ropes, and chains. You get the idea. Next time you are in a fishing town drive a coastal road And you are sure to see some Traditional sea and beach nautical decor.


Nautical Decorating

Thousands Of people around the world are now jumping aboard and embracing this nautical style making there own cheap nautical decorations using only their own nautical decorating ideas. If you are stuck on finding ideas to copy or base your idea around have a good look on google images, There are literally thousands of Nautical ideas waiting to be experimented with.

Rustic and Nautical decor themes are very similar as they both consist of mostly natural materials and usually more natural calmer colors than brighter ones. As the trend and style grow so do the categories that are becoming associated with Nautical Trend Style.

A few categories of Nautical Decor has found itself entering are

  • Nautical Batch Decor
  • Nautical Bathroom Decor
  • Nautical Kitchen Decor
  • Nautical Baby Decor
  • Nautical Party Decor
  • Nautical Bedding Decor
  • Nautical Wedding

And trust me, there are a lot more, Pretty much if you want something sea or coastal themed you can get it, With today’s easy accessibility to thousands of online manufacturers, Stores and print on demand services, Finding or making Nautical themed decor has never been easier.


To put it simply Nautical decor is any theme or item based around the ocean, seaside and coastal-inspired territory, Fishermen and fishing boats, Waves and surfers, Shellfish and sea creatures, batches and coastal living arrangements all help bring these elements together and through artistic minds and a little know-how can-do attitude we have Nautical Decor.

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