March 29, 2020

Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Rustic Wall Shelves – Review

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The Right Shelf,  For the right job

Not only does every home in the world need some kind of storage and shelving, styles also vary from small, lightweight and petite, too bulky, Soil, and heavy-duty.

Picking the wrong or poorly made shelf can be a disaster, With a few pointers, It can be easy to find the right shelf, for the right job.

Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Rustic Wall Shelves

Bullet Points

  • Best place to buy – Amazon
  • Has A – 1-year warranty
  • Product Size – 24.5 x 6.7 x 16.1 inches
  • The wood used is covered by an industry certification for being sustainably sourced
  • Utilizes an environment-friendly torching process
  • Increased shelf depth, width, height, and thickness
  • Effortless installation and mounting process
  • Store towels, detergents, kitchen spices, utensils, food jars, indoor plants, tools, and more!
  • Extra hardware provided

Keeping It Rustic

Rustic is in and the style is trending everywhere. Being mostly of a bare wood finish look, the steel brackets not only accentuate the shelve but also reinforces this rustic look.

The shelf will naturally fit into almost any styled room or theme as the rustic style is very universal and is in huge demand

The practicality of having two shelves in one just makes this shelf even more appealing, With two levels of the shelf you can hold twice the amount of   ” Whatever your holding “.

Average Review – Amazon

After researching shelves on amazon and sorting them out, The Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Rustic Wall Shelve is cranking A 4.8 / 5-star review and is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Value For Money

At a low price, I can understand why this shelf is achieving high reviews and excellent comments. Not only does this shelf actually do what it supposed to do ( hold things up ) It has two shelves, Put up one, and gets two.


This wall shelf has been made easy assembly in mind. Screw the boards onto the frame and attach it to the wall.

Materials And Load Capacity

DISPLAY SOME HEAVYWEIGHT – Strong and durable, these frames are made with eco-friendly and incredibly light Paulownia wood. This solid real wood is knot-free, warp-resistant, and can hold up to 50 pounds!


Even though the classic rustic look of this shelf will fit with most old and modern designed homes, Three different color styles are available.

  • Matte Black
  • Antiqued Black Silver
  • Rustic White

Overall Review

After reviewing myself and reading a ton of comment for this product there is not really anything bad to say about it,

The only thing I picked up on, is that It should come with better screws, and a couple of comments stated it had Arrived damaged.


Good luck with your shelf buying, I hope this review has helped in you finding a quality shelf. Any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to leave them below.


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