April 22, 2020

Round Rustic Rugs – Simply The Best

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Round Rustic Area Rugs

Making a room feel complete can be as simple as adding an area rug to the floor. Area rugs can completely change the way a room feels and presents itself.

Square, round or rectangle rustic area rugs are very common and are used throughout the world, the amount of different styles is practically unlimited, making the decision for choosing your area rug very hard.

Today we are looking into round rustic area rugs and hopefully, this will help you decide which one may be right for your home.

Choosing Wisely

Putting the wrong rug in the wrong room can have a devastating effect. Color, size, pattern, and overall quality are all supper important aspects to think about when choosing the right rug.

I have compiled a list of top-rated, round area rugs off Amazon, to maybe help speed up the process of finding a rustic area rug for your home or desired room.

1 –Nourison Somerset Latte Round Area Rug

Rustic yet still has a fresh natural feel about it. Leaf / Petal design. This rug will work well in any modern home with light or darker walls


  • Rating 4.5 / 5
  • Place to get – Amazon
  • 50% Polyester, 50% Acrylic
  • Machine Woven
  • 30 % poly & 70 % Acrylic
  • Professional dry clean
  • Pile height is 0.5 inches
  • Backing: Latex

Find out more details HERE

2 – Carpet King Cabin Style Round Rustic Area Rug

Wow, Coming with a huge 4.9 / 5 start rating this is a very popular choice of rug.


  • Rating 4.9 / 5
  • Place to get – Amazon
  • Cabin Style Round Rustic Area Rug, Native Design 
  • Ultrafine detail resolution with an extended pile for very soft touch and feel
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Made in Turkey

Find out more details Here

3 – Rug Empire, Rustic Lodge Area Rug, Black Bear, Round

Perfect for the cabin, lodge, or any wildlife enthusiast. This rustic round area rug is made from high-quality materials and is made in Turkey.


  • Rating 4.7 / 5
  • Place to get – Amazon
  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Made with 100% high-quality polypropylene fiber
  • Machine-made
  • Made in Turkey

Find out more details Here

4 – Unique Loom Autumn Collection, Checkered Abstract Casual Warm Toned Round Rustic Area Rug

I think this rug takes the cake as far as multi-purpose and wear and tear goes. Great for high traffic areas and pets, Water, mold and mildew resistant


  • Rating 4.4 / 5 stars
  • Place to buy – Amazon
  • This rug is perfect for those high traffic areas in your home. It’s also kid and pet friendly!
  • This rug is water-resistant, mold and mildew resistant, stain-resistant, and does not shed.
  • This rug is 0.5″ thick.
  • Polypropylene with a cotton backing.

Find out more details Here

5 – Safavieh Monaco Collection, Modern Bohemian Distressed  Rustic Area Rug

Selling over 2100 times on Amazon alone, This slightly more modern rustic rug boasts a very high 4.7 /5 review score and is a very popular choice for the home


  • Rating – 4.7 / 5 stars
  • Place to get – Amazon
  • Made from polypropylene
  • Over 1000 reviews
  • The free-spirited design adds a modern touch to the living room, dining room, bedroom, foyer, or playroom
  • Refined power-loomed construction and enhanced polypropylene fibers ensure an easy-care and virtually nonshedding rug
  • A medium 0.5-inch cut pile for a sleek look

Find out more details Here

6 –Well Woven Barclay Medallion Kashan Traditional Round Area Rug

Keeping within the boundaries of olden traditional styles designs, this traditional rustic designed area rug has been made for durability but still has the soft velvety touch


  • Rating 4.7 / 5 stars
  • Place to buy – Amazon
  • Velvety soft pile
  • Warm jewel and neutral tones
  • Serged on all sides for durability
  • 100% jute backing is safe for wood floors
  • A wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs means this collection has something for rooms of every size and style.

Find out more details Here

7 –Safavieh Lyndhurst Collection Oriental Grey and Cream Round Rustic Area Rug

With a darker look, this decorative rustic area rug will stand out on any light-colored or wood floor.


  • Rating 4.5 / 5 stars
  • Place to buy – Amazon
  • High-quality polypropylene pile fiber adds durability and longevity to these rugs
  • The traditional style of this rug will give your room an elegant accent
  • This rug measures 7′ in diameter
  • Safavieh has been a trusted brand for uncompromising quality and unmatched style for over 100 years,
  • Pile height is 0.5 inches

Find out more details Here

8 – Carvapet Luxury Soft, Round Faux Sheepskin Fur Plush Area Rug

Definitely takes its place among the top Rustic area rugs, Quality made Soft and even has an ivory swede backing on it.


  • Rating 4.6 / 5 stars
  • Place to buy – Amazon
  • Material: Front side: Thickening Artificial Animal Wool; Back side: Soft Ivory Suede backing.
  • Size: Diameter 3ft, 2.5-Inch-thick pile.
  • Soft and soothing to promote sleep while providing exceptional comfort.
  • Make a great house warming gift that goes with a variety of decors

Find out more details Here

9 – Ottomanson Shag Collection Area Rug, 5’3″ Round, Brown And Rustic

A top seller on amazon and with over 2300 reviews this one is the crowds favorite. Dark, rustic, and round.


  • Rating 4.5 / 5 stars
  • Place to buy – Amazon
  • Polypropylene
  • EASY TO STYLE, simple yet sophisticated trendy look that’ll harmoniously blend with any home decor
  • LONGEVITY and convenient upkeep is ensured with the expert-quality DURABLE construction
  • PLUSH SHAG PILE bringing comfort under your feet and dimension into your home
  • RESISTANT to STAIN, FADE and WEAR for fuss-free maintenance even in the most high-traffic areas
  • NEATLY bound edges for a clean look as well as longevity

Find out more details Here

10 – Round Jute Rustic Area Rug, Woven Golden ButterflyDesign

For something slightly different but still with keeping in a slightly rustic feel, this golden butterfly


  • Rating 4.8 / 5 stars
  • Place to buy – Amazon
  • CHUNKY & TEXTURED – At 5/8’s of an inch thick it’s heavy enough to lay flat, durable in high traffic, and longer-lasting.
  • HANDMADE – Carefully Handwoven Butterfly Jute pattern.
  • REVERSIBLE – Reversible so you can flip it over for double the lifespan

Find out more details Here


Final words

All of these rustic area rugs are made with high-quality materials and have well above average reviews, I hope these examples have helped you find your round area rug. As per always, any comments or questions please leave below.


8 thoughts on “Round Rustic Rugs – Simply The Best

  1. I totally agree with your statement that making a room feel complete can be as simple as adding an area rug. We recently bought a rug from Ikea and I was surprised that our livingroom suddenly appeared livelier, like the color of the couch and walls and other furniture tied together. Though, to be honest, round rugs are cozier especially the gray one on #7

    1. Haha yes, tricks of the trade. Decorating or changing the feel of a room can be an easy process. Just a little know-how, can do.

      Thanks for checking out the article.

  2. I love anything carpetry, ruggy, woolly or fleecy!  I find rugs a bit on the small side and wish that there were bigger.

    I’ve always loved carpets in my room. Where i’m renting at the moment, the floor is all wooden. Luckily the previous landlord’s mum gave me a rug that looks like a carpeted rug. It makes the room feel so homely and cosy!

    What i tend to look for first in a rug is the soft touch and feel. Wow! Loving the unique ‘Loom Autumn’ collection. My favourite out of the 4 seasons is the Autumn. Ahh…..the combination of those lovely Autumn colours are such a delight. Wow! Wow! The rug is even water, mold and mildew resistant!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! Kid and pet friendly too! (CAN I HAVE ONE FOR FREE….P-L-E-A-S-E!)

    What is the rug made out of? 

    Number 4 feels like it was definitely made for me, just for me! 

    Definitely gonna treat myself to the ‘Loom Autumn’ rug before Christmas, maybe during the Autumn!

    Thank you very much for your article!

    1. Hello, and I am glad you enjoyed them so much, It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. The rug you are referring to, Number 4, One of the unique Loom Autumn collection is made from polypropylene with a cotton backing. and I agree about the Autumn feel with this rustic area rug. Thanks for reading.

  3. Luke, thank you very much for this insightful article! I had basically no exposure to this area of digital marketing until this present piece. I am pleasantly impressed with how unique and well designed the rugs look. I will be sure to head over to Amazon to check them out in the near future. The way you break down each rug by type and aspect is most informative. Depending on where I wish to use the item, I can avoid dealing with stains and get a waterproof or water-resistant rug. Pile height is a new concept to me, but I understand exactly why it matters due to height, water retention, and so on. The fact that some of them are made in Turkey is even more appealing. Most informative! 

    1. Hey and thanks for your kind reply, I am trying to do exactly what you said in your comment so that I am glad about.  Yes the Rustic area rugs from Turkey almost had me buying another one. You may also like this article https://rusticmatrimony.com/j3… Is on Rustic area rugs that are not round. 

      Thanks for reading.

  4. Great rugs and great advise.
    A rug is often considered advantageous to also help prolong carpet of high traffic areas, and are particularly suited for wooden floors as a finishing touch and to keep your feet warm. And the most important is that it takes the beating of spilled drink and food, particularly better than carpet and is easier to wash, just send it to the local dry cleaners. Ta

    1. Hey Jordan, Excellent advise with the rugs, I should add that into my blog at some point. Rugs are perfect for high foot traffic areas and can be a great way to protect wooden floors as you said. Spot on mate. Have a good one.

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