April 4, 2020

Rustic Gardens – Decor & Designs

Rustic Garden
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The Joys Of A rustic Garden

With materials being so easily on hand, Who wouldn’t want a little, or allot of rustic flare in there garden. A rustic Garden can bring the natural back into focus and can ground us back to traditional morals and values

Traditional rustic is one thing, but a rustic garden in the modern world can be a whole different world of its own.

Artists and DIY enthusiasts are making all kinds of rustic garden furniture and rustic garden decor, using nothing but free or cheap materials.

Garden Designs

When planning or designing your Garden you firstly need to know which approach you are going for.

To give a couple of examples of this I’ll show two extremely different types of Gardens, Both are rustic themed but both express different characteristics. and then a third one to show a mix between Traditional and Modern rustic gardens

Traditional Rustic Gardens

Originating from a variety of heritages, Tradition rustic gardens formed naturally through lifestyles and environmental surroundings. Their gardens grew naturally and the old farm equipment would sit around decaying or rotting as the years go by, all helping the creation of  Traditional Rustic Garden Decor.

It wasn’t just farm machinery, Old buckets were used Instead of plastic plant pots, Fences or signs were made from old logs or branches,

Old wheelbarrows or carts were filled up with plants for decoration. Tools were often left outside in gardens to weather, rust, and feature in the garden itself

Key Features In A Traditional Rustic Garden

  • Usually not much of a layout – Don’t plan so much, Just fill your area up with random plants and shrubs.
  • No defined borders – The classic traditional rustic gardens I have seen have very little garden boarders, and the ones with borders usually have plant life growing over them.
  • Always use Natural, outdoor materials – Bare wood, Dark browns, and green plants make an easy natural rustic look.
  • Walkways and Paths – Slabs, or rings of wood can be used as walkway layouts, Stones or slices of slate make a beautiful base for rustic walkways or paths as well.

  • Old gates and other naturally weathered materials are always left as features, Always try to work or plan your garden around them, Or if possible to relocate, you may be better to move than destroy.
  • There is no “rule of thumb” – There are a few guidelines to follow, but every rustic garden I have seen always have their own personal rustic characteristics.


Modern Rustic Gardens

Now I love old rustic traditional settings, having said that, when you walk into a really well presented modern rustic garden, it can take your breath away. and somewhat still bring that homely traditional feel of a more calming, natural lifestyle.

Key Features In A Modern Rustic Garden

  • Modern presentation – Everything has a border or a place, Defined edges.
  • Use Bare natural timber – As with any rustic theme, natural bare timber is a must.
  • Planter pots – Whilst you can still use old buckets here and there, Planter pots are still used, just stick to clay or brown natural colored ones.
  • Keeping Balance and flow – Small plant a big shrub, small plant big shrub, and so on … Keep a pattern going with your greenery, allot of the time a smaller amount, of the right plant and positioned better, can have a better outcome than greenery everywhere.
  • Stone – Just like traditional methods, stone can be and usually is included.
  • Incorporate steel, Steelworks rely well on timber, or on its own, and only accentuates the rustic feel.
  • Again there is no set in stone way to present your rustic style of the garden so use your imagination and don’t be scared to get creative.

Rustic Garden Decor Ideas

When it comes to finding rustic garden decor ideas to decorate your garden with, Trust me, there is no shortage of places to look.

I will list a few places to find ideas from, but before I do, remember…..there is no limit to what is possible within the rustic world, so be creative, just….stick to the guidelines and you cannot go wrong.


Places To Look For Inspiration

  • Pinterest – Pinterest has ideas from all over the world, People love sharing there rustic gardens and creations. Follow My Pinterest
  • Google Images – May sound obvious, Just type in ” Rustic Garden ” into your Google browser, hit enter and select the images tab once the page has loaded. There are thousands.
  • Stores & Restaurants – Once you start looking for it, you will realize that rustic, is everywhere.
  • Family and friends – Junk lying around family and friends places, don’t be scared to ask.
  • Online stores like Amazon are excellent for finding ideas and products for buying or building yourself.

Good Luck and have fun

Now you have the basic foundations of what A Traditional Rustic Garden is, and what A Modern Rustic Garden is. You have places to go to get ideas, The rest is up to you,

Any comments or questions please leave below.

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2 thoughts on “Rustic Gardens – Decor & Designs

  1. Wow! Talk about inspo right here. I don’t have green fingers but I do love rustic heritage, decor. I also for some reason love watching movies set in rustic times/themes 🙂
    Your content is super helpful and motivating. We are in the process of dreaming up our next home, therefore, your tips and tricks have certainly pushed us to a rural setting. I particularly enjoyed your decor ideas, and took great interest in your Pinterest, so much so that I have added it to my boards for ongoing inspo – thanks!

    1. Hey Gina, Thanks for reading my article, and thank you for your lovely reply. I find it inspirational to keep writing articles when I know people are enjoying them. So you are more than welcome 😊

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