April 29, 2020

Rustic Living

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Living Rustic

It’s somewhat calming, isn’t it? Living amongst the surroundings of natural elements. To have that constant reminder of natural and peaceful, A traditional sense of morals and beliefs. Living rusticly happens naturally for some but for others, it is something they can only dream of, and/or replicate.

It’s no secret. The more humans populate the world and stip our lands clean of its natural resources. Finding and buying your own home away from home is becoming an unrealistic dream for many.

I am from New Zealand and was fortunate enough to grow up on farms and lifestyle blocks surrounded by trees and native forests. Rivers and streams that ran through our property. at the time it was the norm for me but for others, I now know it is a lifestyle that some only dream of.

What Rustic Represents

Many often talk about rustic furniture and decor and bringing something earthly and more natural-looking into our home is always a delight, It makes us feel fresh and somewhat more grounded to our natural instincts.  but why is this?

Traditional rustic forms of living, like Farmhouses and Lodges, Cabins, and homestays all boast natural and down to earth. People love them, People want it, some people would go as far as saying they need it. City living is only for some, as allot cannot handle the rush and seriousness of a city. crammed in like sardines in wee units or apartments.

To me, rustic in its entirety represents the traditional way of down to earth living and a sense of groundedness. Rustic represents natural morals and traditions and reminds us that nature and natural is home. It brings us comfort and in some ways guidance.


Different kinds of rustic

Over the years rustic styles have been stripped down and broken into now hundreds of sub-categories. Every room in a house now has its own rustic identity. Rustic themes have been broken into rustic categories, and now there is a never-ending supply of new rustic products and ideas flooding there way into the markets.


Just to name a few

There are literally thousands or rustic styles and categories, no matter what kind of rustic you need, there will be something for it.

Replicating Rustic

Many people will never get the chance to actually live in a natural rustic environment, so one solution to this is to adapt the rustic theme into our homes through rustic furniture and decor, and bring this earthly feel and style that much closer to us.

Tips to help replicate a rustic environment

  • Depending on the surface of your existing floor, a rustic area rug can completely change the feel and appearance of a room.
  • Plain wooden furniture is going to go along way, Big and bulky is usually a good choice. 
  • Steel, Bolts, and nail heads look amazing with most wooden furnishings.
  • Natural greens, Plantlife and wood go hand in hand when pulling off any rustic theme or style.
  • Ideas – Looking online for ideas is a great place to start, Pinterest and google images are ideal. Follow My Pinterest Here.

A rustic environment can be achieved very easily, and if not in a position to buy rustic, You can always DIY your own rustic furniture and decor. Diy rustic furniture can be easy to build and can be a very inexpensive way of achieving this rustic look allot of people so badly desire.

The Rustic Lifestyle Overall

Just like any lifestyle, we become accustomed to our surroundings in a matter of days. If you are from the city, Getting out into the country or wilderness is an absolute blessing. Surrounded by birds and wild native bush and forest, rivers, streams, and other natural sounds and smells all add to this wonderful rustic experience.

Traditional rustic homes always emit an essence of family. A large solid rustic dining table where the family dine and share their stories. Homely ornaments made from surrounding natural elements.

Over the years I have come to see a trait of those who truly have their heart set on rustic living. These people are caring, family orientated, and genuinely down to earth. I know this may sound stereotypical, but these are the things that I have noticed.

With more of a natural rustic upbringing myself, we were taught to respect the land and be grateful for what we did have. Care for and help all sorts of wildlife, and taught the decent morals and values EVERY person should have.

I definitely think it shapes a person growing up in a more rustic down to earth environment, rather than the fast, serious hustle of city life, which I have also spent a few years living in. There is no comparison. I am fortunate enough now to work from home and can work anywhere.

Last words

I would love to hear your experiences with rustic living. Are you living rusticly? Do you hate the rustic style?  If so why?.  Please drop a comment or question below and ill be sure to read and/or reply.




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