March 20, 2020

Rustic Picture Frames – Style Matters

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Framing With Character

Buying A Picture frame yet alone a rustic picture frame can be a dramatic experience if you do not know what you are looking for, If your Photo is in a darker setting then I would suggest Lighter colored wood as this will tunnel viewers vision toward the picture. Reverse if you have a lighter toned picture, You will find a darker colored frame will make your picture Stand out and become more of a feature

How big is your image ? Can it be cropped to fit the Frame you like, Reprinted larger or smaller. Or do you need to make your own DIY picture Frame to custom fit you image.

DIY Rustic Picture Frames

Making Your very own Rustic picture frame is not as hard as you might think, If you have old frames you can utilize them, Remember rustic does not always have to mean just wood, It can be a mixture of Wood, Steel, Rope, anything natural that can be in someway used to build or stick on the frame itself.

Materials are everywhere, when you know where to look. Old fences or weather boards from old houses, barns or buildings always offer lots of old boards, these work a treat for the building frames, Steel or wire can be found at almost any recycling store, and make A

The example on the right is a simple rustic picture frame built with very little labor and materials. Some sticks, Garden clippers to cut them, wood glue and a creative pattern to orange the sticks in. Also with this design you can make the display part any size to fit any size picture or photo.

Get Creative

This might be more for the naturally artistic people but there are some very amazing ideas around when

it comes to framing a picture, Photo or print created from ideas all around the world, With A bit of know how and some tools we can create some astounding styles of rustic picture frames.

If you have A Picture you want framed but are short of ideas don’t stress, there are ideas everywhere if you know where or how to look,

In 5th form Photography ( long time ago now ) I remember a sign on the front of the classroom door and it Stated…

 ” IF WE CAN SEE WE CAN TAKE PICTURES BUT LEARNING TO SEE MAY TAKE TIME “ I love this saying or quote, To put it simply, A cardboard box is simply a cardboard box isn’t it ? . Give a cardboard box to A three year old and it becomes Fort Knox, a Car or Space rocket, The point i’m trying to make here is that you are only limited to your imagination and creativity.

Materials and ideas to make your own DIY Rustic Picture Frame.

  1. Pinterest ( I have some ideas saved )
  2. Google ( Images )
  4. Recycling center, Old Picture frames are sometimes the perfect base to start with, even if you find a frame that is too big, you can always stick rustic decoration around your picture to fill in the space.
  5. Friends and Family – Don’t be shy to ask Family and friends for materials, Sometimes it is very surprising what useful junk people have lying around the house.

Buying A rustic Picture Frame

Buying a rustic picture frame is a good option if you are short of time or just don’t feel the need to make one, There are now thousands of different stores selling rustic picture frames as this style is in growing demand and the average store owner is now trying to grab a slice of the market.

When buying Online Remember !

  1. CHECK THE SIZE OF FRAME… This may sound obvious but It is easy to get caught up in a frame you like the look of, and order it without having looked at the relevant Information or description. Some hand made rustic picture frames can get pricey so make sure to read the whole listing properly.
  2. Make sure it suits the picture that will be going in it, What is your picture saying ? Are you after a Modern rustic frame, or a more Natural rustic picture frame with more natural browns or greens. Do you intend the picture to be hung on a wall or displayed on a desk or table ?
  3. Packaging – In some cases Rustic picture frames can cost hundreds of dollars so be sure to message and ask about packaging it be sure its safe.
  4. Trusted Website – If you can, Buy from a trusted supplier, Look at reviews, Read comments.

Have Fun And Good Luck

Weather you’re going to buy or build your own frame , I hope this article has helped in some way get there easier and or with a better result.



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