April 8, 2020
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Rustic Toy Chests

Even in today’s modern world, rustic toy chests or rustic toy boxes are still used and admired by many. With so much more traditional character than allot of today’s plastic toy boxes, these rustic toy chests are not only used to store toys in, but have been used as coffee tables, seats with other storage and / or a decor piece.

For The Kids

Kids love having there own rustic toys, and even better, their own rustic toy box to keep them in. It makes them feel like there toys have a home or a place that they go to when not being used,

Not only are boxes or chests important to have for storage, it teaches kids to keep tidy and reinforces where to put their toys away when not being used.

For The Adults

If you are like me, and you most probably are if you’re reading this article, I love rustic boxes and chests, and just having one on display in your living room can be a huge conversation starter.

It can completely change the feel of a room and you can also use some of them as coffee tables, with storage, extra seating, or just handy storage that’s more of a decoration piece.


Buying A rustic Toy Chest

If your kid’s room is getting out of control with toys, then its probably time you thought about getting some storage.

There are a few things to look for when buying quality rustic toy chests or rustic toy boxes. Cheap and nasty toy boxes will not last, so please think wisely about purchasing one, read reviews, and check the product details. Sometimes the difference between poor quality and good quality is a matter of a few extra dollars, or shopping around for the best buy.  you just have to know what to look for.

What To Look For

  • Type of wood – Preferably oak or birch wood are used as these are harder woods, Harder woods are better as they do not scratch or dent easily, Softwoods like pine do.
  • Safety Hinges – I have seen this happen and it is not pretty. Some hinges are free to move up and down, and some lock into place as to not let the lid fall back down again and potentially smash down on the child head, This is a brilliant safety feature, alternatively, make sure the lid can hang past the back of the box as to not swing back down to close.
  • Size – How many toys do your kids have ? are the getting more soon or do they need a cleanout of old unused toys? Choose the size of your rustic toy box wisely
  • Price – Price does matter, and I know we all have a budget. Buy within your means, but from experience, Cheap is not always best.
  • Overall appearance – Check the overall appearance of the toy chest, Check joins are solid and flush and that all screws are screwed incorrectly.
  • If buying online, Please read reviews and comments as this is overall our written visual inspection. For more buying online ” need to knows ” please click HERE

Styles Of Rustic Toy Boxes

Rustic toy boxes haven’t changed much in style as that’s why they are in the ” Rustic ” category. Bare wood is always best for a more down to earth Traditional feel.

Modern designs for kids are painted or printed on, As you can imagine this would be very attracting to young children

Flat or rounded lids are two very big differentiation points when it comes to rustic toy boxes or chests. If buying one, keep in mind other uses for it, Eg a flat top can be used as a table whereas a rounded top one cannot.

There are white rustic toy boxes that will work nicely with any sunny rustic garden house or beachside setting. They still have a traditional feel but don’t bring the essence of natural or nature closer indoors.

Whichever style you choose, if it’s for children I strongly suggest to buy one with safety hinges on it,

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Overall I think rustic toy boxes and rustic toy chests are the best way to keep a child bedroom tidy, They bring a certain traditional value with them and often serve more than one purpose

Any questions or comments please leave below.

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