April 21, 2020
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Rustic Wood Floor Ideas

Finding ideas for any project can be a nightmare, and often the more we look the more confused we get.

To start with, What exactly are you wanting ?. A rustic grade hardwood floor ? or a rustic wooden floor look ?,  The difference can be huge to both cost and time.

First of all…..What is rustic grade flooring ?


This term is used in the flooring industry to signify hardwood that falls below the better natural grade flooring which is suitable for all residential indoor installations. This rustic flooring grade is also known as #2, Tavern or Cabin grade flooring. Its surface quality is poorer than natural grade flooring.

This type of timber floor is poor in insulation quality and is a very hard surface to be walking on in bare foot or socks, so this kind of hardwood flooring is almost never used in a main home.

Hardwood timber floors are typically used in

  • Workshops
  • Cabins
  • Studios
  • Outbuildings
  • Old Halls & Church’s


If you are not to enthused on the cold hardwood cabin flooring, your in luck as there a few other options when it comes to look, color and style, and these will still emit a rustic feel to the room

Vinyl plank and Laminated Flooring

Laminated flooring , like vinyl plank flooring, are extremely durable and are a popular and excellent choice for homes with children and / or pets. Laminate flooring is superior in terms of fading in direct sunlight, and overall is simple to install compared to replacing or building a solid rustic wood floor.

Rustic Wood Floor Ideas

When it comes to rustic wood floor ideas the internet will be your best friend, There are colors and styles to meet everyone’s rustic needs. Decorative or plain designs, the choice is yours. You just have to pick which one.

Rustic flooring idea examples

Different colors give off different feels, Selecting the right color is vital and if not thought out, your room can have quite the opposite effect that you were going for.


Natural with production or branding marks

More in older wooden villa homes, it wasn’t uncommon to find tracking information stamped or baranded into the timber. Burn marks from the saws, and  other imperfections were often left to further add character to the floor and to keep that rustic floor look.


Interlocking Rustic Flooring Tiles

Interlocking flooring is not only a cheap alternative to solid wood flooring, it is strong, durable and easy to install.


  • Rustic looking Teak Wood
  • Perfect for Indoor And Outdoor use.
  • Easy-floor interlocking system 9 No tools required )
  • Comes in 10 packs which will cover a 10 square foot area
  • Has a slight tolerance to allow for slightly off level areas or imperfections in your existing floor.
  • More Flooring Here

Bamboo Flooring

A bit lighter than the normal traditional rustic approach, More of an urban rustic feel, The difference between a dark, cold confined room and a Uplifting, warm spacious room can be the difference in the color of the floor. Bamboo flooring is a good safe choice for smaller rooms.


  • Engineered with HDF uniclic core and pine backing with 2.5 mm wear layer
  • 8-Coat Aluminum-Oxide and Acrylic Urethane finish/smooth- Shielded to resist scratches and wear & tear
  • Float or Glue installation, radiant floor heating compatible
  • Lifetime Structural (Residential) Warranty; 50-Year Finish (Residential) Warranty / 10-Year Finish (Light Commercial) Warranty

Find out more Here

Vinyl floor

Another easy and affordable rustic floor style is vinyl. Vinyl floor planks are quick to install and allot come with a peal and stick back for easy installation.


  • Peel ‘N’ Stick insulation.
  • Look and Feel of Natural Wood Grain.
  • Extra Thick 2.0mm Gauge.
  • 10 Planks per Box – will cover 15 Square Feet
  • Look and Feel of Natural Wood Grain

Find out more details Here

Last Words

There are thousands of rustic wooden floor ideas around and i cannot list them all here today…but i can give you some more advise on where to look.

  • Pinterest
  • Physical stores and shops
  • Online Stores
  • Google Images
  • Youtube

As always and questions or comments, please leave below and I will be sure to read and / or reply when I can.


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