March 26, 2020

The Rustic Lifestyle – For Some Only A Dream

Rustic Living
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Rustic Living – A lifestyle Some Can Only Dream Of

The more humans populate the planet the more our personal space and ability to be inspired by natural surroundings is being compromised. The more we cram ourselves in, the more our desire to live a more secluded rustic lifestyle.

It only seems to be when we reach our breaking point with society and confined living, the natural in us hatch, and so does our desire to live a more naturally rustic Down To Earth Lifestyle

What’s your Situation?

When you look out your window, do you see a neighbor staring in, Or the view of native bush or farmland? A view of the beach or sea. Remember different environments bring different feelings towards life, Each other, and sadly enough our own state of mind. The reason small farms and lifestyle blocks are so high in demand is because of that FEEL that it brings.

Let’s Look At Things Logically

  • On Average most people want there own privacy and Independence
  • Crime worldwide is on the rise
  • With COVID 19, Earthquakes, and other more frequent natural disasters, I sure allot more people are wishing they were more isolated from the rest of the world.       ( kind of reminds me of doomsday preppers ) just not so extreme.
  • Unhealthy Living – With all the modern-day conveniences, it’s all just to easy to grab some fast food and hone it down while watching some TV. Wash it down with some sugar…I mean Fizzy. Country style living enforces healthy efforts are made to live And having said that it’s always an “everything In Moderation thing ” Anyway.
  • Family upbringing – With the above mentioned I can definitely vouch in favor of having A country upbringing, I grew up on small farms, as well as country, town, and city lifestyles, My family moved around allot, but mostly grew up on dairy farms and small lifestyle blocks.

Back To Rustic Living – For Good Reason

Having A small farm or lifestyle block, although in most cases still takes a lot of work, brings with it a feeling of security, safety, a more natural outlook on life with a more calming persona. It brings that feeling of Pride and that you have something to work on, Set up for your kids, or just retire in peace with no nosy neighbors peeking in.

As discussed in other articles the difference between traditional and modern rustic decor, it is not hard to combine Traditional rustic methods with modern architectural design, to create a warmer, newer style of home, but still have the traditional foundations of furniture and decor, that ground us back to this rustic feel of olden day living, values, morals, safety, and security.

Everyone has different styles and trends that they like or follow, There is no set in concrete way anyone should live, but there are ways that are definitely more stress-free, Healthy, Grounded and overall better for our overall well-being.

The Effort To Be Successful.

Unfortunately, most of us that work the normal working week, will know that having enough to live off is one thing, Having enough to save is another, and saving enough to enter the market for a small farm or lifestyle block is almost a life long event, I’m not saying it cannot be done, I have seen some amazing accomplishments driven from nothing but determination and passion, but this is not the average.

Evidence Rustic Living Is Alive

There are now countless websites, stores, communities, styles, and cultures still living and loving the more natural rustic lifestyle that they live or desire to live like,

Pinterest is now loaded with a continuous amount of rustic wedding photos from weddings all around the world, sharing there love for that Traditional Rustic Farmhouse lifestyle.

Flooding the market is a forever ending supply of rustic decor ideas, Rustic Picture Frames, Rustic Trunks and Boxes, Rustic wedding-themed decor, The list grows daily. there are literally thousands of different rustic ideas and themed based products.

What’re Your Thoughts?

What’re your thoughts on Rustic the style of living? Is this how you live? Let me know in the comments below. Share your story, Do you live rusticly?.


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