March 25, 2020

Traditional & Modern Rustic Farmhouse Decor – Explained

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An Overview Of Farm Decor

For some of us, we may have an exact vision of what farmhouse decor is or how it looks, For others, it is a vision that they can only construct in their minds as many of us have never stepped foot onto a Farm before. A farm dog, Cattle and pigs, the smell of herbs and freshly grown veggies,

Farmhouse Decor Brings that natural Garden feel into your home and done correctly, can have a huge impact in the way a room feels and presents itself.

Over time, Traditional Farmhouse Decor has changed in style, but still uses the fundamentals of traditional farmhouse decor,

Modern Farmhouse decorating consists of traditional farmhouse techniques and A hint of a more modern approach to the color scheme or layout.

Traditional Farmhouse – Example 1

This Photo Is a traditional Farmhouse Styled home, and without hesitation emits that feeling of fresh garden and natural down to earth living. A traditional Rustic Farmhouse Table and Chairs, Plenty of wood and grain showing, Some greenery and flowers all centered underneath a Rustic Steel Chandelier. Not far off the perfect Farmhouse example.

Bare wooden ceilings box the home in but can also bring forth that cold, closed-off feel, If building a Farmhouse styled building today, the ceilings would be made of lighter colored wood with darker colored structural beams as this still offers that Farmhouse feels, but still provide a warm open, spacious environment.

As I mentioned earlier, Modern day Farmhouse Decor has bought all the same fundamentals of traditional Farmhouse decor forth with it but is now incorporated with more of a modern color scheme and classier style of execution.

 Modern Farmhouse – example 2 

A solid wooden table and chairs is A must in any farmhouse styled home, Lighter colored woods for tables and chairs are used, Not only does this lighten the mood and temperature of the room but still brings that rustic farmhouse style forth with it.  Also, note the table legs are more modern and decorative than the traditional style table.

Lighter ceilings make a space or room feel bigger and again warmer, There Is still a chandelier used in this example and there is ample wood showing on the wall to bring forth the rustic side of the farmhouse style.

Chandeliers allow a focal or center point to be made, The Table will do this also, but the chandelier will ‘let’s just say ” set the scene in place.

A little green to break the table and some beautiful rustic plate mats are a simple way to continue the farmhouse theme, Even if your home is not at all Farmhouse styled, if you have a bare wooden table, a natural colored table cloth, some rustic looking plate mats, Get a bit of green in there and I’m sure the room will look and feel much different.

Don’t stress getting it right

With the crazy amount of rustic themes and styles around, as long as you stick to the, mostly wood and natural colored colors and foliage, you cannot go wrong, Don’t overdo everything, Sometimes less is more. When buying Farmhouse furniture, go for big and bulky looking bare wood items, this scream out a rustic farmhouse style just by being exactly that…big, bulky, and bare natural wood. The smaller Decor that you place around I will leave up to you, Just keep the rustic, natural theme going,

Farmhouse Decorations

As far as decorating A home goes, Ideas and options are endless. Narrowing down a theme helps, and in this case, we know we are going for a Natural Farmhouse Type of style, ( without being to fussy ) Making your own can be a fun or frustrating experience so if buying, Buy through a trusted supplier and always read the reviews. Suggested site is Amazon ( Buy Farmhouse Decor )

The Foundations Of Farmhouse Are Important

Inside The Farmhouse 

  • Stay away from bright colors,
  • Have a solid wooden table and chairs, ( You can get away with off white or faded colored chairs ) More wood is good.
  • Don’t overdo it, To much clutter destroys the feel of what you are going for and its focus directs to objects rather than the style or theme.
  • Include Fresh Natural foliage and other plants, Throwing in a little green here and there can have a huge impact and instantly makes a room feel fresh and enchanting
  • matching hardware, Washing baskets and fruit bowls, doormats and chopping boards, Keep everything within the Farmhouse Rustic Style

Outside The Farmhouse

When we think of a house on a farm, we don’t always imagine a beautiful farm with an Inspiring, charming down to earth home. This is because just having a house on a farm does not mean you have or are in anyway interpreting a Traditional or modern form of Farmhouse Identity.

  • Fences, Gates, and Driveway – Stick To Big bulky Timber posts, Driveway is more effective with an edge to border it in, Fences are usually left wooden, although I have seen some painted white and looked OK with its surroundings.
  • For more of a suave, upper-class entrance always sets out your shrubs and trees as so they are in order and of equal distances apart. For a more natural look, Fill the area up with a variety of plants and trees, don’t plan to much but don’t under plan, Do not plant trees to close to the driveway or to close together. Its easier to fill gaps later than to take things out that are in the way or out of character.  U will use allot more trees and shrubs this way, Keeping it simple and sharp is the way,
  • Outside furnishings – Most of these go hand in hand with Rustic cabin decor and other Traditional themed styles of rustic identity, Again mostly heavy-duty pieces of timber, Old broke down cars or trucks rusting into the ground always gives off that olden day ” A lot of history in this place ” kind of feel.
  • A huge Veggie Garden is always essential if going for the full outdoor farmhouse style, Usually raised garden beds for the modern Farmhouse style and Traditionally gardens were built out of anything and everything, This also enhanced the natural Farmhouse vibe.

Have fun with your Farmhouse

Hopefully, this article has helped you have a better understanding of Traditional and Modern Farmhouse Decor and design And will help aid you in designing yourself a farmhouse themed home, room or building.

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