March 16, 2020

What Is Rustic Decor ? – A Natural Styling Approach

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What Is Rustic Decor?

Traditionally, when we hear the words Rustic or Rustic Decor, Log Cabins Rustic decor, Rustic decoration and Wooden farmhouses come to mind, and for the majority of the ” rustic style ” this is bang on the money,

Throughout the years, Rustic Styles, trends and ideas have changed and evolved into what I would only describe as a feeding ground for any product developers or designers, Rustic Decorating enthusiast or even the average handy Man / Woman

Primitive Rustic Decor Materials Primarily consist of

  • Wood ( Older The Better Usually )
  • Steel, Wire rope, Steel strapping, Nuts and Bolts, Old Machine parts (Use Imagination )
  • Stones, Stones of all colors and sizes can be made to look very rustic when incorporated with Wood and/or steel.
  • Rope, Using rope or string to hang or bind materials together, Or to cover screws or other fittings you do not want to be seen
  • A combination of these materials has made cheap rustic decor and furniture even easier for the everyday individual to obtain and/or create.

Rustic Cabin Decor

Cabins, Wooden Lodges, and Farm stays are always great places to get a good sense of what A traditional style of Rustic decor looks like, Compared to some of the more complicated rustic themes, rustic cabin decor is surprisingly easy to Make or Build yourself.

With A rustic cabin theme, it is important to keep things simple, Think large Beams and Steel Hinges, Railway Sleepers and an open fire, Stew on the brew type of environment,

Rustic Decorations

As the average household now has access to all similar tools needed to create modern rustic decorating ideas for around there home or garden, a vast amount of Rustic decorations have flooded the market.

From rustic garden art to rustic wedding decorations, rustic decorating has found its way into the most specific of interests and styles, These pieces of artwork can completely change the feel and environment of a room or building, and not all decorations need to be complicated ” Even the smallest of things can have the biggest of impacts ”

Rustic garden and Landscaping Ideas are endless and when it comes to making cheap rustic furniture wood can be your best friend, Old beams or logs are easily turned into seating or driveway borders, Planter boxes can be made from old wooden pallets or fence palings. Rustic picture frames can be made from almost anything,

Steel and rusty bits of iron all play a part in making your desired rustic idea, This we Snail here is made from nothing more than one nut and three screws, plus a little know-how can do.

More Than Just A Style

For the average buyer of rustic products, it is simply exactly that, a product, but for some of the people that make and design them, It is a way of expressing themselves through there work,

If you walked up to the house and all you saw was rustic garden art based around bugs and insects we could fairly safely assume that the designer, maker or owner was into Nature, Animals or more precisely Insects and Bugs,

So now we have a Rustic theme, based around bugs and insects, this would be categorized under Rustic Garden Art, And this is the same for hundreds if not thousands or rustic Sub nieces,                                Here are a few…………

  • Rustic Cabin Decor
  • Rustic Garden Decor
  • Rustic Kitchen Decor
  • Rustic Living Room Decor
  • Rustic Decorating
  • Rustic Farmhouse Decor
  • Rustic Wedding Decor

Trust me there is a few more, Now That there are so many variables within these fields we have sub-categories for these as well

From Rustic Kitchen Decor we have

  • Rustic Chopping Board
  • Rustic Spice Rack and Rustic Herb rack
  • Rustic Fruit Bowl
  • Rustic Cooking Apron…Etc.. etc

From Rustic Livingroom Decor we have

  • Rustic Shelves
  • Rustic Coffee Table
  • Rustic foot Stool
  • Rustic Picture Frame…Etc.. etc
  • Rustic TV Stand

The list goes on and on and I will cover some more Content and ideas in some following blogs, Remember making something look rustic is all about getting back to nature or making something out of nothing involving wood, iron or steel rope, or other primitive materials.

So What Is Rustic Decor And Style?

Even though there are countless sub-categories and forever changing trends in the rustic style. Overall can safely say that rustic decor is a style of a primitive nature usually involving the use of Stones Wood and Steel. It has evolved through a mixture of modern and primitive Arts and crafts, Decorations, and furniture to become a highly popular style that is easily obtainable for the majority of people.


3 thoughts on “What Is Rustic Decor ? – A Natural Styling Approach

  1. I love the rustic decor that a lot of companies are coming out with. It doesn’t necessarily fit with my main home, but if I had a cabin, I would decorate it with the rustic design over anything else.
    In Alaska, it’s easy for us to find this kind of decor at most retailers locally. It’s one of my husband’s faves too.
    Glad you shared your thoughts on this! Great article!

  2. Hi, I went through your information and I got a better understanding of Rustic Decors. Everything converts Rustic method to taking a separate impression from the farmhouse. That is more attraction. I really like your Rustic Insects and Bugs and Animal designs. Really very visitor attraction for those all the thing like wall decoration and kitchen decoration too. Very nice and very informative review.

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